Developing Games at the Crossroads of Technology and the Liberal Arts

Two Ponchos specializes in creating simple iOS games that unify an intuitive gameplay design with the greatest ideas throughout human history. With such a broad canvas, the possibilities are endless: One can race philosophers at the speed of light, destroy endless armies of AI robots with a shield, or even use Euclidean-inspired geometry to destroy waves of incoming shapes with a laser. Scroll down to learn more.

One Lightspeed: Philosophy in Motion

One Lightspeed explores the idea of holding a race at the speed of light between all of the greatest philosophers throughout human history. The game requires reflexes as quick as the minds of these philosophers themselves.

One Shield.

In One Shield, you must destroy the oncoming waves of an endless AI robot army with one shield.

**AZ-05 Winner of Congressional App Challenge 2017**

One Laser

In One Laser, the player must fire a laser through a maze of moving mirrors in order to destroy as many incoming enemy shapes as possible.


I’m Jacob Steineke and am currently a Freshman at Thomas Aquinas College working towards a Liberal Arts degree. I started developing stats apps for my robotics team in high school, and from then on have created and continue to create iOS games for fun.

Feel free to email me at to get in touch. Thank you!